Greg’s Story

Greg is a native Memphian and the youngest of 4 boys. His mother, who married his father, a linguist in the US Army, became his first real life hero when she fled her abusive marriage, saving Greg and his brothers from prolonged domestic abuse at the hands of their father.  From that point on she raised Greg and his brothers as a single mom, working the night shift at Kellogg’s.  To this day she remains Greg’s beacon as a true example of survival.

Greg started working young at various jobs, putting himself through college at the University of Memphis earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.  Like many of his fellow Memphians, a job throwing boxes at night at FedEx helped him pay for his dream of a college degree.  

From there, Greg continued to Law School, graduating from the University of Memphis School of Law in 1999.  It was in law school where Greg met his future wife, Allison.  While in law school, Greg began clerking for the judges of the Shelby County Criminal Court.  It was during this clerkship that Greg realized his calling, to serve the Memphis and Shelby County community as a prosecutor.  After putting in his time as an investigator for the District Attorney’s office while waiting for an open position, Greg began his career as an assistant district attorney in the domestic violence division.

23 years later, Greg has handled tens of thousands of cases, tried over 100 jury trials and represented the interests of thousands of victims.   He has served as the embedded prosecutor with the City of Memphis police department, Tillman Precinct, where he worked with the police and community on a one-on-one basis, offering him the unique prospective of the City and the challenges we face.

As the Chief Prosecutor of the Shelby County Domestic Violence Court, he currently manages a team of more than 20 attorneys and staff, reviewing and prosecuting over 6,000 domestic violence matters each year.  Greg has served in this role for almost 5 years. A survivor of domestic violence as a child, he understands the pain and damage that domestic violence can inflict on a person and a family as well as the courage it takes to survive.  

Greg and Allison have been married for 22 years and together are raising two children, Charlie (20), currently a sophomore in college, and daughter Mary Grove, currently a high school junior.  They are all  proud Memphis enthusiasts, passionately involved in the local community which they are honored to call home.   

Greg’s personal history and professional experience make him uniquely qualified to preside over the Shelby County, Division 10 Domestic Violence Court.