Uniquely Qualified

23 years’ experience as an Assistant District Attorney (since 1999)

Currently Chief Prosecutor of the Domestic Violence Special Unit

Reviews and prosecutes over 6,000 domestic violence related cases each year

Endorsed by the Ben F. Jones Chapter of the National Bar Association
The Ben F. Jones Chapter of the National Bar Association is a nonpartisan organization founded in 1966 to address the unique needs of African American lawyers and to enhance their performance and professionalism at a time when they were largely excluded by the majority bar. The Ben F. Jones Chapter was named in honor of one of its founding fathers, Ben F. Jones, who practiced law in Shelby County from 1949 until his untimely death in 1966 – the same year of the Chapter’s founding.
2022 Memphis Bar Association Judicial Qualification Poll

Voted Most qualified By Memphis Lawyers

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Douglas “Greg” Gilbert*
No Opinion
Erim Sarinoglu
Kevin Reed
Rhonda Wilson Harris
Patience “Missy” Branham
Cathy Anderson
Hear more from Greg in this The Daily Memphian interview for their three part Domestic violence series. Click the link below.

Why I’m Running

As a survivor of domestic violence as a child, and now as the Chief Prosecutor of the Shelby County Domestic Violence Division with 23 years of experience, I am uniquely qualified for this role. I am incredibly honored by and proud of my work on behalf of victims and their families and ask for your support and vote to allow me to continue helping the victims of domestic violence in a new role as Judge for Division 10, Domestic Violence Court.

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